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At a & e farms, we believe that family is what makes a farm. Our farm is home to us and our children, a Great Pyrenees named Murphy, and one fluffy chicken flock, but its main focus is our ADGA-registered Nigerian dwarf goats. We are passionate about including our children in the running of our farm, and we work as a family to make the farm function.

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Nigerian Goat Buckling

"This is our buck, Barney! He is a goofy yet lovable fuzz ball! He is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf. We were richly blessed to work with A&E Farms. They blessed us with a quality goat and a wealth of knowledge of how to care for him. Ashley will take the time to educate and guide you through proper goat care. She is also always available to answer any questions you may have. Ashley and Matthew made the goat-buying process painless and stress-free! Thank you, A&E Farms, for helping us to make our “farm family” complete!"

Martin M.

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